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Our name is inspired by the former artists’ colony tucked in the hills of Sonoma County called Pond Farm which not only has a family connection but also embodies our core values of quality, creativity, and community.


Pond Farm Workshops began as a school and residency for artists in the 1940s but by the mid-1950s it had converted to Pond Farm Pottery under the direction of Bauhaus potter Marguerite Wildenhain, one of Pond Farm Workshops’ first residents. Marguerite was a renowned potter and known for her passion and discipline for her craft.   


In 1973, Trevor’s dad moved from Iowa to California to hone his ceramics skills under the tutelage of Marguerite at Pond Farm. At the time, Trevor’s mom was living in Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, above which Pond Farm was nestled. The two met, got married, and 2 years later Trevor was born and raised in the area nearby, hearing stories of the idyllic Pond Farm and its community of craftsmen and craftswomen.

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