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3...2...1...The year that we open!

2018 holds big things for us...

I was in our building this morning thinking about design, like what kind of tile to use under the bar and what color paint to use on some walls. I started visualizing what it will look like full of people and I felt a surge of excitement - 2018 will be the year we finally get to invite you all in to enjoy our beers and hang out with your families and friends! But, man. We have a lot to do! We submitted our plans for building permits a couple weeks ago and are hoping to begin construction in February. Check out some of the "before" shots of our space below before we take out part of the mezzanine level, add bathrooms, a grain room and boiler room, and drains on the brewhouse floor. Oh, did I mention the wheelchair lift? Yeah. We'll be adding one of those, too, which will allow us to utilize the mezzanine for office space and the gorgeous brick room in back for events. Our brewing equipment - a custom 15-barrel system - is on order and should arrive in late Spring. We have recipes to perfect, people to hire, and so many things to pick out - fixtures, glassware, furniture, merchandise... Time will tell when we'll be able to schedule our opening, but we're targeting Summer. Of course, that's likely to slip but hey - it's always good to set a stretch goal! Tonight, we'll have a low key New Year's Eve at home with family and friends, but we are excited to tap a fresh batch of Munich Dunkel, which is kind of like the German lager version of a brown ale. Perfect for a winter's eve! Best wishes to you and yours in the new year! Stephanie (and Trevor and Jack)


Big thanks to Chris Gebhardt who took some beautiful photos of our space (and our family) before we start doing construction!

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