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🔨 Construction & T-Shirts 👕


We finally obtained our approval to begin construction last week and let me tell you - it feels SO good to start making real physical progress! We'll share some photos soon.

You might be wondering - why did it take so long for us to break ground?

It was a long 5 months going back and forth with the San Rafael Building Department with many revisions to our plans to ensure compliance. Heading into this process I didn't understand why people don't just read up on the codes before designing their projects and then design to be compliant. I've since learned that it's just not that simple... between Health, Fire, ADA, and state & local building codes plus the unique layout of each project it's almost guaranteed that neither you nor your architect will catch everything. In fact, over 3 months after we submitted our original building plans we found out about requirements that had never been brought to our attention in our prior 3 submittals. This required us to work with electrical, plumbing, and structural engineers to to redesign portions of our plans, costing additional $$ and causing significant delays.

That said, we're still having fun and grow more excited every day as things come into focus. Opening day will remain a moving target until construction nears completion but we're working hard to make that as soon as possible. As of now, our best estimate is December.



We have a limited number of first-run t-shirts available for $20 each. These exact styles & colors may not be available in the future so mark yourself as an original Pond Farm Brewing supporter by snagging one of these first tees.

Check out photos of the colors/styles below and fill out the order form if you're interested in purchasing a shirt.

Thank you in advance for your support!



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