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Planning Commission Hearing Update

We're thrilled to report that the San Rafael Planning Commission voted


Thank you.

We're humbled by the support we've seen from the community so far. You really made your voice heard through all the letters to the Planning Department over the last month and a half and by showing up last night to show your support. Sounds like there were about 75 people at the hearing, most of whom were there in favor of our project! Wow! All six planning commissioners voted in favor of denying the appeal.

I wish we could invite you all in for a celebratory beer, but there is still much to be done before we can open our doors and begin serving.

Unfortunately, we're expecting another appeal which will send us to a hearing in front of the City Council. But before you get discouraged, just remember - we are compliant with all city codes, we're taking steps to address neighbors' concerns, and the community is clearly behind us! Trevor and I are feeling more excited than ever and we know that with your continued support we will prevail.

Stay tuned for updates on the possible future hearing and other ways to get involved. In the meantime, follow our adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (links below).

Cheers, Stephanie

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